University Studies Program

University Studies Program

Program Rationale

In order for Indigenous peoples to develop effective control and understanding of the political, economic, and social life of their nations, it is important to help MCC students develop the analytical, communication, and research skills that are acquired through the process of obtaining a University degree. The University Studies program at MCC helps to increase the enrollment of indigenous students in post-secondary institutions by giving students an additional avenue to enter into post-secondary studies. This will be achieved by offering an educational setting which

  1. Caters to the unique needs of indigenous students
  2. Allows people to study in an indigenous context
  3. Allows the Four Bands students to start their University studies in a local context.

Program Goals:

1. Assist students in completing up to 60 credits in University courses (20 half courses)
2. Prepare students with the necessary skills needed for a successful transition to a University
campus of their choice.
3. Provide students the opportunity to understand themselves by including a strong cultural
component within our curriculum.
4. Help students develop an understanding of how indigenous communities can increase their self-determination through advanced education.

Program Overview

In addition to the Indigenous Social Work and Indigenous Business Programs, students can
take courses in the University Studies Program that will provide the necessary pre-requisites
leading to

a. Bachelor of Arts in General Studies
b. Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies
c. Bachelor of Education

Students will receive a diploma in General Studies from MCC and will be able to transfer
these course to a number of Institutions in Alberta and throughout Canada through the
Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer, which has over 100 transfer agreements.

Please contact the admissions advisor at the University of your choosing to determine all
requirements and discuss this with your MCC Student advisor to ensure you are enrolled in all
the appropriate courses.

A new website is available for you to check any transfer arrangements. Please go to .

Maskwacis Cultural College also has a strong focus on historical and contemporary Nehiyaw
society. This focus on Cree Society is carried out through our various Cree Studies, Cree
language and Indigenous Studies courses, and also through all other University transfer

Student Classifications

All students being admitted within MCC’s University program will be classified as either a University Studies Student with a particular program focus or as an Open studies student.

University Studies

In order to be classied as a University Studies Student, new applicants must meet specic
admission requirements and must register as a full time student. A full time student is anyone
who takes 9 credits or more in Fall and Winter Semester. Anyone who takes less than 9 credits
is considered a part time student. Students who have been accepted as University students
do not have to seek re-admission from year to year unless they have been required to
withdraw or have not registered in classes for over 12 months.

Open Studies

An open studies student can be full time or part time but may only be in Open studies for
one semester. After that, they need to meet with their Academic Advisor and seek
admission into a particular program. Open Studies students may use courses taken as an
Open studies student to meet the admission requirements needed for admission to a
University studies program.

Students need to submit Ofcial high school transcripts, transcripts from any other post-secondary
institution attended, conrmation of completion of English 30 with a 2.0 (62% or
higher) conrmation of completion of one Math or Science at the 30 level, copy of ID card,
and $100 fee.

Available programs in University Studies are as follows and students need to be familiar with
admission requirements for each program:

  • Diploma in Indigenous Studies
  • Certicate in Indigenous Business
  • Diploma in Indigenous Business
  • Diploma in Indigenous Social Work
  • Indigenous Bachelor of Social Work
  • Certicate in Indigenous Human Services Worker
  • Diploma in University Studies leading to a BA
  • Diploma in University Studies leading to a B Ed
  • Diploma in General Studies – Please see the Dean of Academic Studies for information on
    this route.