University Courses Catalogue


ACCT1511 – Introduction to Financial Accounting

ACCT2511 – Introduction to Managerial Accounting

ANTH1500-Introductory Anthropology

ANTH1550- Race and Racism

ANTH2207- Social and Cultural Anthropology


BLAW2501 -Introduction to Business Law

BUSI1501-Introduction to Canadian Business



COMP1500 – Introduction to Computing Science

COMP2502 – Technology Tools for

CREE1000 (A) – Introductory Cree – Part 1

CREE1000 (B) – Introductory Cree – Part 2

CREE2000 – Intermediate Cree

CREE2150 – Advanced Cree

CRST1101 – Our Cultural Heritage

CRST1102 – Identity: The Contemporary Cree Society


DRAM1500 – Introduction to Dramatic Process


EART1500 – An Introduction to Physical Science

EART2500 – Environmental Earth – An Introduction to Global Change

ECON1501-Introduction to Micro-Economics

ECON1502 – Introduction to Macro-Economics

EDFX1500 – Introduction to the Profession of Teaching

EDPY1500 – Introduction to 1st Year Educational Psychology Development

EDPY2501 – Educational Psychology for Teaching

EDUC2200 -The Education of Indigenous Peoples in Canada: A Historical Study

EDUC2210 – Contemporary Issues in the Education of Indigenous Peoples

ENGL1125 – Indigenous Writing

ENGL1500 – The World of Words

ENGL1501 – English Literature from the Romantic Period to the Present


FAMI1510 – Families in Today’s World

FAMI2515 – Relationship Development


HIST1500 – An Introduction to the Study of Canadian History, 1867 to Present

HIST2500 – The Indigenous Aspect of Canadian History I

HIST2510 – The Indigenous act of Canadian History II


INDG1000 – Cultural Exchange Study Travel Course

INDG1100 – Canadian Indigenous Arts

INDG1910 – Indigenous Issues and Insights I

INDG1911 – Native Issues and Insights II

INDG2010 – Indigenous Decolonization

INDG2240 – Introduction to Western Law and Indigenous Peoples


MARK1501 – Fundamentals of Marketing

MATH1507 – Numerical Methods and Introduction to Probability and Statistics

MATH1510 – Calculus I

MATH1520 – Linear Algebra

MGMT1530 – Introduction to Business Communications

MGMT1560 – Introduction to Finance

MGMT2501 – Operations Management


ORGA1500 – Managerial Skills Development

ORGA1501 -Management of Organizational and Human Resources

ORGA2500 – Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations


PEDS2522 – Introduction to Movement Activities of Youth (5 – 12 Yrs)

POLI1500 – Introduction to Political Science

PSYC1500 – Basic Psychological Processes

PSYC1501 – Individual and Social Behavior

PSYC2250 – Human Development Across the Life Span


RSWR1900 – Academic Research and Writing


SOCI1500 – Introduction to Sociology

SOCI2525 – Criminology

SOCI2560 – Inequality and Social Stratication

STAT1500 – Introduction to Probability and Statistics

STAT1501 – Introduction to Applied Statistics


WRST1101 – Exploring Writing