An Important Message from Our President Dr. Claudine Louis

A Message From the President – October 2018


Tanisi kahkiyaw!  Our fall term is well underway and I would like to welcome all students, new and continuing, back to the college.  The leaves are falling, the colors are changing, the wind is picking up, the geese are flying south and snow has already fallen on the ground.  Fall has only just started but it feels like winter will be coming sooner this year.

Our Resident Elders are with us so, please reach out to them for any help you may need as you are at the college.  Elder Jerry Saddleback and Elder Mary Moonias have a wealth of knowledge and they are always willing to provide time for you; all you have to do is ask.

We have a few new instructors that are joining us this term and I am sure that they will make your classes enjoyable.  Welcome back to all returning Instructors.  We are excited that the new database system, Four Trails, is up and operational for everyone.  David Brown, Dean of Indigenous School of Business, will assist everyone with his or her technology needs.

I want to encourage all students to make every effort to attend classes as much as possible.  Instructors provide vital information in your classes so; ensure that you show up for your scheduled lectures.  Circumstances may arise that may be unavoidable which may prevent your attendance and your main point of contact is always with your Instructors.  Please reach out to our MCC staff to assist you on your educational journey.  Your instructors are essential in your learning so, please make extra efforts to stay connected with them.  The Registrar’s Office can assist you and provide you with relevant programming information so, please do not hesitate to contact Colette Crier, Registrar Officer; Sapphire Threefingers, Academic Program Advisor; Allyson Dennehy, Student Wellness Support Services Coordinator; Yvonne Crane, Registrar Clerk and Shawna Garcia, Receptionist.  These ladies can help to answer any initial questions you may have about your program.

Congratulations to the new student council!  I am looking forward to working with our new student council this year.  I am sure there will be postings about the events and activities so, stay posted.

This year, we are having a fall term break and that will run right after Remembrance Day – November 12th  to the 16th.  There are no scheduled classes during that week however, the college will be open. Our last day of classes in December is the 4th and the college will be closed for holidays from December 21st to January 6th, 2019.  I look forward to a wonderful academic year.  Good luck everyone!

Ekosi pitama!


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