MCC President’s COVID19 UPDATE for FALL 2020

Hours of Operation for the 2020-2021 Academic Year and the September 2020 Graduation

August 25, 2020


This message is from the President’s Office of Maskwacis Cultural College to staff of Maskwacis Cultural College.  The MCC Board of Governors approved the 2020 Re-opening plan and preparations are underway to ensure staff and student safety in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic.  Below is updated information in relation to the operations of the College. 

Hours of Operation & East Entrance of the College for Staff, Sessional Instructors

Starting Monday, August 31st, 2020 MCC will resume regular business hours which are Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  MCC will be compliant with COVID 19 protocols, therefore we will continue to allow staff to continue to work from home if they display any symptoms related to COVID-19. Personal contact information must be shared with Elaine Littlechild, Executive Assistant, and she can be reached at All Staff must inform the Receptionist if they are unable to attend the college due to illness. Staff and Sessional Instructors must sign in daily on the form that is available at the east entrance of building. 

The east entrance of the college shall be for Staff, Sessional Instructors & Vendors only. While at work, staff must regularly wash hands, use hand sanitizers, and disinfect their computer workspaces, telephones, doorknobs at every entry and exit from office spaces.  Staff must fill out leave forms for time away from the office otherwise; payroll deductions will result if there are no supporting documents or notifications made to the office staff.

Student Access & Entry to College

The doors will be open to students beginning Monday, August 31, 2020 therefore; we must ensure that there is clarity about MCC’s process for student entry particularly, that students with symptoms of COVID 19 must not enter the college. Students are encouraged to compile with COVID 19 protocols as masks will be mandatory in all classrooms. Regular self-assessments are encouraged and testing is recommended and may be requested upon by the college if students display COVID symptoms.  Students are asked to share with their Instructor if any family member has tested positive or if they have travelled outside the province of Alberta. This information must be communicated with the Instructor of the class.

Outlined below is the process for student entry to the college:

  1. Students must enter college from the north entrance way only
  2. Students must sign in at the front entrance way
    1. Name
    1. Band, Band Number
    1. Residence location
    1. Phone number
    1. Date of entry, time of entry, time of exit
    1. Identify reason for entry – state name of class
  3. Students must sanitize, with the sanitizer made available at the front desk
  4. Students must sign in upon entry to all classrooms with their name and date
  5. Students must practice social distancing
  6. Please consult Maskwacis Health Services for COVI9 testing information at

2020-2021 Academic Year

The Alberta Government documents identifies two numbers for MCC’s consideration in planning for the 2020-2021 Academic Year: 

15 – Opening Soon – Alberta’s relaunch strategy – Key public health measures – page 10 – “Gatherings greater than 15 is prohibited

  • Class sizes will not exceed 15 individuals

100 – Guidance for Post-Secondary Institutions – page 1 – updated June 22, 2020 – “The maximum number of people in a room or educational space at one time, with appropriate physical distancing, is 100 people or fewer

  • The college will not allow more than 100 in the building at one time

First day of classes for ATEP students, University of Alberta is Tuesday, September 1, 2020.

First day of MCC classes is scheduled for Wednesday, September 2, 2020.

MCC will implement the student entry process in response to tracking individuals as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic.  MCC will implement a blended approach to class room instruction for the fall term of 2020 and winter 2021; some classes will be online and some classes will be face-to-face. Those classes that are face-to-face will be expected to respect the COVID-19 protocols established at MCC.

MCC Dean’s will be finalizing the classroom schedule with the Registrar’s Office and this will be available for students shortly.  Please check the website regularly, the MCC Facebook page and regular communication with your Instructor is vital.

COVID 19 Risk Mitigation

Students will be required to wear masks in the classroom. Students must not move the desks as they have been measured for proper distance between each unit.  Instructors will be required to complete a sign in sheet and the sheet must be given to the Triage Personnel once the class is completed. Instructors must share information with the Triage Personnel if any situation arises where there are COVID 19 symptoms within the classroom.  Instructors must ask all students to sanitize their hands upon entry to the classroom. There must be no sharing of equipment or materials; this includes the sharing of paper in the classroom.

In the event that there is an outbreak, the college will close and sanitize the college thoroughly before re-entry is allowed for both staff and students. 

COVID 19 testing will be encouraged for those individuals traveling outside the province of Alberta and travel information must be shared with college administration. The Triage Personnel must be notified if you are planning travel. A negative result must be obtained by both staff and students before re-entry is allowed back to the college.

MCC may offer COVID 19 testing for staff and students in the upcoming weeks. Please check the website and Facebook page. Notifications will be sent through email.

Regular sanitization practices will occur within the college and all staff and students are encouraged to assist in the process.

Graduation Ceremony – Saturday, September 26, 2020

Maskwacis Cultural College will proceed with an on-line live streaming of a graduation procession event for graduates only, adhering to COVID 19 Risk Mitigation, lining up in groups of no more than 15, maintaining 2 metres distance to afford social distancingA reminder that the graduation ceremony is basically a grand entry, a verbal recognition of the student and a photograph.