Leadership and Administration Certificate

Program Overview

The Leadership and Administration Certificate program is a pre-qualifier for General Studies Diploma as well as the Indigenous School of Business Diploma. It will support our learners on their journey toward management, leadership and business careers with an emphasis upon
an introduction to courses in business and leadership. The Cree Cultural language and teachings will compliment this program to encourage well-grounded students in the Plains Cree culture and language.

Program Purpose:

With the increasing encouragement for First Nations to go into Entrepreneurship and Management, this program was built on various foundational structures: management, business, leadership and academic upgrading. Students will gain confidence and be
mentored through this program to become successful learners.

Program Objectives:

1) To provide First Nations people with the opportunity to develop advanced skills in administration and Leadership Courses
2) To provide students with the skills, knowledge and professionalism necessary to work in business, industry or in other leadership focused positions
3) To provide this training within a Cree cultural framework;
4) To provide a basis from which students may move on to advanced studies in the fields of Administration, Management, Business Studies or other fields of study.

Program Certification:

Level 1:
Leadership & Administration Certificate: Students must pass all required
courses in order to obtain certification from this program and also for ladder into the Indigenous Business Diploma program.

Level 2:
Indigenous Business Diploma: Students will be required to pass all courses to obtain a Diploma in this program. Successful completion of this diploma program can ladder into the Indigenous Degree in Management (brokered from First Nations University – please see
Business programs of this calendar for more information)
administration and leadership courses;
business, industry or in other leadership focused positions;
Administration, Management, Business Studies or other fields of study