Education Assistant

Program Rationale

Local school systems are experiencing a shortage of trained education assistants. In order to
function in a education role in the schools, the assistant needs a broad range of skills and
knowledge with a particular focus on Cree child rearing and language. After initial training,
skills develop with experience. Experienced education assistants can improve their professional
skills with advanced training to meet specic responsibilities in the school system.
The MCC program has been designed to meet these local training needs at the three levels.
The courses are scheduled such that students may continue working while taking
program modules.

Program Overview

The following represents a comprehensive approach to the training of the education
assistants from an entry level to the advanced level of skills and abilities.
The education assistant training program is designed to prepare assistants at two levels:
Level 1. Entry level training program (preparation for employment as a education assistant).
Level 2. Certication as a competent education assistant, capable of fullling the
essential responsibilities of a education assistant in any educational setting and
the special skills and knowledge needed in a Cree school.

Admission Requirements

Regular admission requires an Alberta high school diploma or equivalent, and minimum age of
18. Mature students status is available to those who are at least 19 years of age and possess
the following minimum education:
1. English 10 or English 13 completion; and
2. Grade nine Math.
Trainees applying to the program will have the opportunity to challenge any academic course
within the program. Prior credits will be given to students who can demonstrate proof of
equivalent and successful prior training in courses. The actual program of study and training
required by each trainee to complete certication requirements will be established by the
Program Coordinator.