Indigenous Arts Diploma

The MCC Diploma in Arts program leads to a Bachelor of Arts provides courses that allow a student to complete the first two years for a Bachelor of Arts degree.
While this diploma is modeled after the University of Alberta BA degree requirements, specific arrangements can be made to plan a schedule around transfer-ability to any University. Students must access an adviser at the University of their choosing, with the assistance of their adviser or Student Services, to determine what the specific requirements are for the program they wish to enter. Students can then begin to work toward a major and
a minor within their program.

All students in a B. A program, regardless of major or minor, require 60 credits in the diploma program to graduate. All students need to pass all courses with a 2.0 or better.

Required Courses

  • 3 English: ENGL 1500, plus one of ENGL 1501, RSWR 1900, ENGL 2125
  • 2 Fine Arts: DRAM 1500, INDG 1100 and new courses under development
  • 2 Math: MATH1507, STAT 1500, MATH 1510
  • 2 Science: EART 1500, EART2500
  • 2 Social Sciences: ANTH 1500. SOCI 1500, SOCI 2250, POLI 1500, PSYC 1500, PSYC 1501, FAMI 1510, FAMI 2515
  • 2 Humanities: ANTH 1550, HIST 1501
  • 1 Computer: COMP 2502
  • 2 CREE language and Cree culture: Cree 1000A, Cree 1000 B, CRST 1101, CRST 1102, INDG 1910, INDG 1911, INDG 2010, INDG 2240, INDG 2260
  • 4 electives in their focus: Ex. Indigenous Studies would take 4 more courses in Indigenous