Audio Book Production

Time: Wednesday, May 20, 2:2:30 pm.

Title: Audiobook Production – Who DOES that?


Have you ever listened to an audiobook and wondered whose voice you were listening to? And then, wondered if that was something you could do, too? If you like podcasting, then you might really like narrating and producing audiobooks. We hope you can join us for a MCC Microlearning session to find out:

·         Who are audiobook narrators?

·         What skills does an audiobook producer need?

·         What equipment do I need to sound professional?

·         How can I start narrating audiobooks & where do I find gigs?

·         I’m an author – can I narrate my own audiobook?

·         And the money question: can I get rich narrating audiobooks?


Jenny teaches professional speakers and authors how to narrate their own books. Jenny Hoops narrates audiobooks from her home studio near Bragg Creek, Alberta, for 6 years, recording 26 full-length titles and thousands of hours of periodical articles for Follow her on Instagram (@audiobooknarratortraining) or visit her website

Cost: Free

Registration link:   (you can share this form!)