Adult Literacy Program 2019- 2020

Adult Literacy Program


Students will enhance a higher level of literacy to compete in the workforce and academic field of study.
Students will enhance a higher level of numeracy to be successful in further education and the workforce.
Student retention is important to address and provide a culturally appropriate environment to allow students to express ways of knowing, doing and being.
“Intelligence is having the right kind of knowledge” (Keikialoha Kekipi, 1997)
The basic expectation is that students will achieve higher academic conviction while maintaining a basic cultural etiquette.

Why the Maskwacis Adult Literacy Program is a great place to start?

• Identity foundation
• Team-oriented environment
• Local location
• Excellent Cree focused instructors
• Essential skills to become more actively engaged
• Opportunity for advancement
• Improving skills and levels


Maskwacis Cultural College offers an essential skill program while incorporating Cree traditions designed to meet the needs of all individuals.
• Daily smudge and prayer
• Reading and writing workshops to increase communication, writing, and vocabulary skills
• Math skills component toward your tested level
• Personal Skills development
• Short-term and long-term goal setting
• Life-long learning strategies that co-exist with the Cree perspective
• Daily Lunch provided
• 10 week program
• Individual career planning